Candy Town: A Childrens Halloween Story (The Magic Feather)

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The team meets their friend Little Red Train, carrying a bag of party supplies, but then Big Jet steals the bag, and the team must retrieve the bag from Big Jet before the party starts. The team, together with their best friends, the three little pigs, decides to plant mystery seeds by doing four things: plant, water, give sunshine, and give love on the list to see what grows in those mystery seeds.

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The team is filling up their pumpkin with Halloween treats when they suddenly hear some strange music. They then see something unexpectedly flying with them and think it is a ghost, and they must get away from the ghost before it eats their treats. But soon, the ghosts multiply, and the team must also hurry to escape.

Leo is teaching his sister Annie how to fly Rocket. Annie learns all about Rocket's three different types of moves: the Up-Down move, the squeeze, and the loop-the-loop maneuver. After teaching Annie how to fly Rocket, Leo joins June and Quincy in blowing bubbles, and after seeing that, Annie gets her camera and tries to take a picture. But then, the other three kids Leo, June, and Quincy get trapped in a big bubble after blowing together to make it, and Annie must pilot Rocket solo and save them before the bubble pops.

While camping, the team watches the moon shine in the sky, and the moon shines its light as a way of saying hello. A little mouse is carrying a present for the moon but the moon moves to Switzerland. Now, the team must go to Switzerland so that Little Mouse can give his present to the moon before it goes down. Leo is telling a story about a good knight and a bad knight.

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The good knight is a happy and funny knight in the castle, until the bad knight locks him up in a towers and he cannot escape, so the team must get the musical key to let the good knight out before the bad knight strikes. On Christmas Eve, Leo and team are reading a story about the boy who wishes to have a turtle.

Christmas art for kids

The box is empty but his mother says that it is a wish box, so the boy makes a wish to make his dream come true and that succeeds. The team receives wish boxes under the tree. That is, all of them except Annie, whose wish box fell off Santa's sleigh during a heavy blizzard, so the team goes to the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest in Nepal, to get the wish box before it falls.


The team has a flower named Baby Tulip, which is about to bloom, but Big Jet has a seasons machine, which changes seasons to prevent Baby Tulip from blooming. Now, the team must go back to springtime so that their friend can grow and bloom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The team, with their friend Butterfly, sees that the other butterflies have an invitation to a migration party in Angangueo, Mexico. But then, their friend becomes sad because he did not get his invitation and three butterflies are teasing him. The mail carrier butterfly says that his invitation is in a mailbox but in the wrong place. Now, the team must go to the four places to find his invitation on a mailbox: Niagara Falls, the United Nations in New York City, a big cave in Oklahoma and a field of cows in Houston, Texas.

Mission: Get Ring home. Mission: Get Leo's baton. Mission: Surprise the hiccups out of Rocket so he can win the race. Mission: Help Rocket find Little Whale. Mission: Find the treasure before Big Jet.

candy town a childrens halloween story the magic feather Manual

Mission: Get Annie's balloons back. Egyptian hieroglyphics Hungarian Dance No. Mission: Use the golden harp to open the Golden Pyramid and let the music out. Mission: Find the missing kites and save the Great Kite Parade. Mission: Help Little Red Train get the party supplies back.

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Mission: Plant the Super Mystery Seeds and see what they grow. Mission: Fill the pumpkins before the ghost takes the Halloween treats. Mission: Get Little Mouse to the mountain so he can give his present to the Moon. Mission: Find the tower key and rescue the good knight. Mission: Get Annie's Christmas wish box.

Leo and the gang are calling for Rocket, using the musical toy that Leo had when he was a baby, and it works. However, Rocket's too big to live with Leo and the team will have to find a home for Rocket to live in so that Rocket can be together with the gang. Australian aboriginal art Carmen Suite No. His talent is super hopping, which he uses to hop higher and longer. But Joey forgets that the talent show is today, so the team must let Joey join in the talent show before it starts.

Rhyme Scheme

Quincy is singing his brand new silly song to make the gang laugh, including Rocket, so they go see reindeer and a baby reindeer. The baby is chasing the bird on the woods until the gang realizes that the baby is going too far and get lost. This makes the mission tough because Quincy knows that he is afraid of the dark because Lapland gets dark too early. Now, the team must take the baby reindeer back to his mother before it gets dark.

Summer: Listen to waves and washes Baby Tulip off to sea. The team is in Totem Pole Forest, looking at the tall totem poles. They meet a small totem pole, but he has no stories, so they decide to help the little totem pole grow bigger so that he can grow like the rest of the poles. But then he gets washed out to sea, and the team must bring him back so he can grow big with the other totems. The team discovers a machine which makes things bigger when it plays bigger and louder notes, and become smaller when it plays softer and smaller notes.

However, the machine starts to shake rapidly out of control until it breaks, causing the Little Einsteins and Rocket to shrink. Now, the team must find the lost piece on the playground so that they can return to their normal size. The team sees a mother duck, together with her ducklings. They follow their mother until one of them follows the gang by accident, because he follows June's whistling, thinking that she is his mother.

Now, the team must bring the duck back to his mother before she becomes worried. Woodcut of a rhinoceros and St.

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The team is on a safari, watching the animals in Africa , until they find that the water is overflowing on the wildebeests, so Rocket blocks the waterfall with his body. However, Rocket is stuck, and a little bumblebee joins the team. Now, the team must find the biggest animals in Africa that can help them pull Rocket out of the cold waterfall before he gets a cold. The team sees the other animals living and playing with their friends. They find an ivory-billed woodpecker pecking on the wood on the tree.

He tries to peck the wood to call another ivory bill woodpecker, but it is far away. So the team goes on top of the mountain so that the ivory-billed woodpecker can peck his beak on the wood to make a loud sound so that his friend can go to him.