Martian Wars: Robot Attack (Episode 11)

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It aired on 3 October , , on Fox. Farnsworth has a laboratory experiment , which he needs to develop in his lab at Mars University.

Jeff Bezos puts that robotic dragonfly at center stage in video clip from Amazon’s MARS conference

Meanwhile, Fry enrolls at the university to be a drop-out, and Bender teaches the Fratbots how to be cool again. The Prof. Farnsworth tells the crew they'll be delivering a package to him at his office at Mars University MU. When Fry asks if it's safe, Farnsworth insists it is.

'Mr. Robot' Season 3 Finale: That 'Star Wars' Level Twist, Explained

Then the crate starts shaking and something inside growls, and Farnsworth loads a tranquilizer gun and shoots whatever is inside. When the crew arrives on Mars , Fry says that back in the 20th century no one had any idea there was an university on the planet , but according to the Professor it became a liveable planet much later when the university was founded.

They tour the campus and see the Wong Library with the largest collection of literature in two discs and the Epsilon Rho Rho fraternity house, Bender 's college fraternity.

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He finds out three nerdy robots live there now. Fry remembers his college days at Coney Island Community College where he learned physics in a Community College Booth; however, he is outraged when Leela informs him that by 31st century standards, he is merely a high school dropout. He decides to enroll in classes at MU so he can drop out and get the respect he feels he deserves.

In the student registration lines Fry meets Amy and she asks what class he will take. He chooses "The Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields", the class the professor teaches every semester, though he made up the title so that no student would dare to take it. Farnsworth doesn't know how to teach but Fry doesn't care. At night, Bender and the Fratbots, Gearshift , Oily and Fat-bot , spy on a Sorority House, where sexy blondes pillow fight in their slinky underwear.

One of them is using a Mac, and when its front panel comes off, the robots stare at its circuits until they fall off the ladder and end up destroying a portion of Snooty House , and as the members rush out to see, complaining that they damaged their servants' quarters and their servants , they start to run.

Fry gets to his room. He thinks it's a single though there are two beds. He learns his room-mate is a monkey. It turns out the monkey, Guenter , was in the crate they were delivering. By wearing Farnsworth's latest invention, the Electronium Hat , Guenter receives heightened intelligence. Fry starts to dislike Guenter but they must be room-mates so the professor won't have to remember two numbers. In the 20th Century History Lecture Hall, Fry, Amy and Guenter meet the teacher who says one in twelve of them will not pass the class. When Guenter answers a question on the 20th century that Fry couldn't, and Amy says he's smart and cute, Fry gets jealous.

Books by Peter Worthington

He is angry about what they did so he decides to put the Robot House members on dodecatupple-secret probation. We had a very strong engine in season one with fsociety wanting to bring down E Corp. Season two's engine wasn't as specific, mainly because our main focus was to deepen characters and relationships. For season three, we spent a lot of time finding that "north star" that our characters could work toward.

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We discussed Elliot's goal of undoing the hack and whether or not that was specific and urgent enough to carry us for the season. It's partly the reason why this season feels faster in pace than season two. Getting Elliot and Mr. Robot back on the same page was always the plan, but I don't think that they're in a place of integration. I would say that they're on the path toward potential integration. For someone who is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, true integration would represent a breakthrough or a cure. The finale takes us to some incredibly bleak places, while also offering some hope.

What went into striking a balance between ending the season soaked in equal parts light and dark? We wanted this finale to be emotionally satisfying, yet still hook you in the way that a good thriller would. We had a lot to resolve a lot of open ends this season. We knew we had to balance those payoffs with setups that would give you an idea of what to expect in future seasons. I spoke with John Petaja and Justin Krohn the phenomenal editors of this episode about striking this balance from an editorial perspective. The beginning of this episode is musically driven, which gives us a fast plunge into what the episode is.

In a way, we've been spending an entire season setting up all of these pieces on the board and we knock everything down in this finale. By the time we get to the train with Elliot and Darlene, we earn a great emotional moment because of all the craziness we've just been through. We hinted at that hopefulness in and we take a big step toward that with the way we end this season.

Elliot and Mr. Robot finally return to each other's lives, at one of their earliest meeting spots. Can you talk through the different ideas that were in place for how to get these characters back together on the same page after so much time apart, and to have that meeting of the minds at Coney Island, where it all started — at least as far as the show's depiction of events, that is?

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  6. This is funny because so many of our pitches for this moment made their way into the episode in one way or another. When we started to brainstorm ideas for this reunion, we naturally were drawn to those Mr. Sam loved the idea of them speaking to each other on the Wonder Wheel again. I was pushing for a callback to that symmetrical shot of them sitting on opposite sides of a subway train. Someone else pitched the subway platform from the pilot.

    We ended up seeing all of that in this finale. The Wonder Wheel ended up being the initial reunion because of how uniquely tied to Mr.

    Robot it was. We've seen Elliot in all of these other locations already the arcade, the subway, his apartment. It made sense that Elliot would allow himself to feel safe enough to talk to Mr. Robot on the Wonder Wheel. It's a very emotional moment, realizing that as much as Elliot has shades of Mr.

    49. "The Night of the Meek"

    Robot, the Mr. Robot side of his personality has his own shades of Elliot. Has that always been a tenant in writing the character, that Christian Slater's side of Elliot has more in common with Rami Malek's depiction than he or we realized? Is it something that was discovered in the writing of the character? And how critical is that reveal, moving forward? The plan was always to evolve the relationship between Elliot and Mr.

    We've already been through so much manipulation, betrayal and battling with them. To me, this is finally a beautiful moment of sincerity and honesty.

    Mars Attacks Trendmasters Topps Doom Robot Action Figure for sale online | eBay

    It's also cool because you, as Elliot's friend, are able to witness how Mr. Robot is helpful in certain situations and how Elliot really needs him at times. By the end of this episode, in one of many callbacks to our pilot, we have a heartfelt exchange between Mr.

    Robot and Elliot.